Story of the supernatural cases: The Conjuring

Films are a reflection of what’s happening around us. The environment and incidents which might not be naturally occurring are supernatural. Ed & Lorraine Warren are an example of such cases; they were demonologists in the haunting and scary cases faced by some families in the US.

The Conjuring is one such horror movie which was based on the true life events of the Perrons.  The film’s story crawls under one’s skin and makes you think about the ghastly tale behind it. The Perron family moved into a shabby farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island. Mr. & Mrs Perron had 5 daughters and a dog named Sadie. Within a few days, a series of mysterious events happened (no spoilers).

The Warrens were called, investigations happened and they deduced a paranormal activity in the Perron’s farmhouse. They wanted an exorcism to be performed at the place but needed the permission from the Church. What followed was a downward spiral of unfortunate and frightening events which put the Perrons and the Warrens on their toes.

In their investigation, the Warrens found out about the lady (who was accused of being a witch) who might have been the root cause of all these events. She had sacrificed her child and cursed the place before committing suicide since then anyone who owned the place had died somehow and Perrons were the recent victims of the eerie things happening inside the house. The story of the lady roots back to 19th century when witchcraft was an open practice. She was branded a witch and her spirit caused menace and numerous deaths in the farmhouse.

Many families came but none survived, it was either a mass suicide or a mass murder by one of the family members who later committed suicide. Ed & Lorraine helped the Perrons with all might, they were attacked by unknown forces and their daughter almost lost her life. The Perron’s had their share of sufferings too, the girls were warned or abused by the spirit in one or the other way, the witch’s spirit finally held Mrs Perron, she was possessed.

The witch’s spirit in Mrs Perron’s body wanted to kill the daughters. Warrens needed time but they hadn’t any. An exorcism was needed as soon as possible and Warrens needed a priest. But the events were so fast; Ed Warren decided to take the matter into his own hands. He succeeded.

Although, it is often thought that what followed was a chain of hauntingly mysterious events. Did he do it correctly? Or was the spirit strong enough for him? These questions can be answered only by Lorraine as Ed is no longer with us.  That’s what the movie The Conjuring is all about, a tale of a couple who see supernatural matters differently.

Warrens and their cases have been portrayed in other horror movies like Amityville Horror,  The Haunting in Connecticut, The Haunted and Annabelle. Apart from movies, a number of shows, television series and documentaries have covered their investigations.